Ever thought of an AMC for your workforce unlike your machines?

If you are looking for an unconventional solution to an ever existing organizational challenge of improving Productivity.

Here is one for you.How about using tools to condition the physical, emotional and workplace health of your employees to make them more productive?

Here are few great reasons you should consider :

  • Increase productivity
  • Increased Health: Decrease Abseentism, sick leaves, reduce stress
  • Increase employee goodwill: Increase employee adherence by  enculcating a sense of ownership, commitment and belonging
  • Increase workforce engagement: align to company vision and values, decision making , smooth functioning teams

How do we do it @Productive Health Program ?

Quantify uses coaching and consulting methods to bring a paradigm shift in the belief system of individuals and groups to unleash their true potential and productive capacity . The technology of Participative/Interactive Management of Facilitation and tailor made implication includes one or more of the following process:

  • Activity & Creative Brainstorming
  • Effective Presentations
  • Video Viewing
  • Reflective Conversations
  • Uninhibited Discussions
  • Interactive Team Workshops
  • Motivating Readings, Writing
  • Encapturing Group Games
  • Implementing activity policies
  • Indepth Self Introspection/Assessment
  • Individual health counseling sessions
  • Retreat stay and stress management interventions