Heart Rehab

Why should you enroll ?

Confidence Building

Improve Aerobic Capacity Reduce Symptom


Reduce Risk Factors

Holistic cardiac rehab program which provides a warm and conducive support atmosphere to provide confidence and certainty to heart patients after Patients have undergone: surgical treatments like bypass & angioplasty, Patients with stable Heart failure, or risk factor preparing them for living and conquering heart disease and its fear.


What do I get ?


  • Exercise therapy: Specialist supervised treatment setting, active/passive dynamic exercise
  • Activity of Daily living guidance: correction, modification,planning
  • Coaching session: behavioural modification, group interaction
  • Medical Education: self monitoring and confidence building
  • Medical nutritional therapy: Metabolic ward stay.

Who are eligible ?


  • You have undergone one of the following procedure :
    • Coronary artery bypass graft (CABG) surgery
    • Angioplasty, PTCA
    • EECP
    • Aortic Valve repair or replacement
    • Peripheral vascular disease
  • If you have one of the following conditions :
    • Heart Attack
    • Heart Failure (stable on medication)
    • CAD on medical management/ reversal of blockages
  • If you have been diagnosed with and treated for :
    • Low aerobic capacity
    • Low ejection fraction (heart pumping)