Cardio Metabolic Rehab

Why should you enroll ?

Prevent Heart Disease

Reduce Medication

Detoxification of Body

The program is designed to prevent you from getting a heart disease by detoxification of body through powerful lifestyle modification techniques.

What do I get ?

  • Exercise therapy: Specialist supervised treatment setting, active/passive dynamic exercise
  • Activity of Daily living guidance: correction, modification,planning
  • Coaching session: behavioural modification, group interaction
  • Medical Education: self monitoring and confidence building
  • Medical nutritional therapy: Metabolic ward stay.

Who are eligible ?

  • Obese , Overweight People
  • Cholesterol :
    • People with high cholesterol levels
    • High ldl, vldl, triglycerides, total cholesterol levels in blood test
    • People experiencing fatigue, breathlessness and lack of energy.
    • Lack of libido/ erectile dysfunction related to dyslipedimia
  • Diabetics  :
    • Insulin resistance
    • Fluctuating Blood sugar levels
    • Low Compliance
    • High insulin dosages
    • Syndrome X
    • Obese Diabetic
    • High drug dosages
    • Diabetic Dyslipedimia
    • DM with severe  HTN
    • Stress Induced DM
  • Above 40 individuals :
    • Sedentary lifestyle
    • Age related debility, and impairment of function
    • Repeated feeling of Fatigue and weakness
    • Mood fluctuations (Feeling of Stress and/ or depression)
    • Insomnia, constipation, loss of libido