About Us

“Renovo Life” is a Nasik (MS), India based enterprise engaged in the task of personal and organizational transformation, spreading happiness and gifting safe and effective fitness solutions through tailor made programs involving a combination of conventional and holistic treatments and related interventions which focus on gifting every person with not just life but the freedom to live it and enjoy it in its true and beautiful form.


We will be a name of repute in India by Providing evidence based non invasive health care services in Illness, Wellness and Fitness sectors, catering to a wide range of metabolic, age related, chronic disorders with continuous improvement at the growth rate of minimum of 30% for the next three years.


We design, develop and tailor make the medical fitness program for people with Illness, Wellness, metabolic, stress related, age related, chronic disorders through combination of evidence based modern scientific guidelines and proven mystical Ayurvedic & Holistic knowledge.

Core Values

  • Unconditional service and respect to all clients, vendors, fellow staff
  • Trust, positive approach and good faith in all relationships
  • Being a social family aiming for better health related quality of life of people
  • Empowerment through continuous education

Core Purpose

“Adding years to life and life to years”